All homes have mold, but usually is not an issue unless mold spores land on a wet or damp surface and begin growing. An indoor air quality test may also be an indicator of apparent or hidden moisture/mold issues that would not necessarily be located with a standard home inspection. Mold is concerning as it may not be visible and can have a wide array of health effects.

We recommend adding mold testing to your home inspection prior to closing as mold remediation can be expensive. Its a small price up front for what could be a large expense if discovered later.

We don’t want you to wait on us, All swab and air samples are sent overnight to InspectorLab for analysis.

See more information on Mold and Indoor Air Quality Testing on the EPA Website.

Veterans and First Responders get Indoor Air Quality/Mold testing included in every Residential Inspection for First Responders – Full Package AT COST for up to 3 samples, You pay what we pay! (Proof of Service or Employment Required)

First Responders – Former/Current Military Personnel, Nurses, Firefighter/EMT, and Sworn State, Local, Federal Law Enforcement Officials.

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